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George Ritachka, L.Ac.
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George Ritachka, L.Ac., H.H.P.
Wellness One Center
Garden View Medical Plaza
1200 Garden View Road, Suite 106
Encinitas, CA 92024

Ph: 858-342-9770



According to Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), our bodies are run by a vital energy called “qi” or “chi” (pronounced “chee”). A sufficient and undisturbed flow of this energy is required to maintain a healthy state of dynamic balance that gives your body the best chance to heal, be pain free and stay healthy. Using various acupuncture, electromedicine and muscle therapy modalities, I find and correct the energetic causes of the client’s back pain or dysfunction with the goal of restoring normal function. This results in better, often more rapid, pain reduction and improved healing response.When needed, we supplement our care with a multi-disciplinary referral network of caring professionals whose shared goal is to provide clients with comprehensive medical and complimentary solutions to the safest, most effective back care available.